The West Coast Business Development Centre is the “go-to” agent for enterprise and supplier development activities throughout the broader West Coast Municipal area.

We create an enabling and nurturing environment for entrepreneurship for the SMME’s and offer a number of appropriate services.

Entrepreneurial Development

Intensive, Specialised, Strategic
Training for SMME's

The training approach is an intensive training programme and includes post-course mentoring and counseling: access to finance information and access to business information.

The programme consists of five days of training and six to twelve months of business counseling and follow-up to develop and make the business sustainable.

SMME Development, Accreditation and Corporate Business linkage programme

We promote business linkages between an established business and an emerging small business with regard to tender opportunities by –

  • Identifying business opportunities for SMME’s through the promotion of procurement amongst corporate and government agencies in our area;
  • Ensuring that the SMME has the status of a legal entity and provide assistance to SMME’s with preparation of tenders;
  • Facilitating joint ventures between businesses looking for local partners.

Business advice and Counseling

Individual business counseling forms an important part of our daily activities.

Assistance provided varies from new entrepreneurs with minimum skills who need general assistance to a person with an established business or skills in need of specialist knowledge or a specific intervention.

The most common requests for counseling relates to the formulation of business plans, marketing advice, bookkeeping and assistance with regard to access to finance via a third party.

We have a list of specialised part-time mentors who provide the SMME’s with business assistance and advice on an individual basis.


Specialised Business Training Skills

Relevant Workshops on a needs basis

Business Awareness Management

  • Business Strategy Development
  • Financial Strategy Development
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Operations Strategy Development

Tendering workshop

  • Difference between public and private tenders
  • Tender overview
  • Understanding the tender process
  • Functionality criteria
  • Preference point system
  • Costing and pricing

Functions of the Health and Safety representatives, including Level 1 first aid training, in terms of the OHS Act.

Contractor Development training.

Company / Co-operative registration and amendments

We assist the entrepreneur to complete and lodge CIPC documentation.

We assist the SMME’s in obtaining their B-BBEE certification and hold SARS compliance workshops on Income Tax, Provisional Tax, VAT, PAYE etc. to empower the SMME’s.

We also, when needed, assist the SMME’s by providing support when they go to the bank to open their business accounts.


Project management and project-related training

Our involvement varies from project management and project-related training in order to promote the empowerment of women, entrepreneurial awareness in the youth and community upliftment.

Information dissemination

We disseminate business information (tenders, RFQ’s, RFP’s and business opportunities) to SMME’s on the database.

Compliance training and products

Includes Ariba tender information

Training and assistance is provided with regard to registration on –

  • Central Supplier Database (CSD)
  • Western Cape Supplier Database
  • Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB)
  • Compensation for Occupational Industry Act (COIDA)
  • Workman’s Compensation Act (WCA)
  • Safety File Development
  • Safety Plan Development
  • National Contract Cleaners Association (NCCA)
  • SMME’s are trained to find tender information on the Ariba system.

On completion of registration on the above databases, we assist the SMME’s in obtaining a Letter of Good Standing.

On-line e-learning

IT resource centre

We have a computer centre set up for
International Oil and Gas e-training.

An SMME, who is an IT specialist, has set up an
IT resource centre for use by the SMME’s.

We offer various training courses throughout the year.